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Data has become the new global currency and its meteoric rise is transforming entire industries and driving the demand for practitioners who can wield its power. From healthcare and finance to entertainment, cybersecurity and beyond, the need for data scientist continues to grow in tandem with opportunities for career advancements within the field.

To help fill this talent gap and further use data science to solve real-world problems, 5F World has partnered with Systech USA to create the Applied Data Science Program.

‘Power of AI in the Digitally Enabled World.’ Dr.Ganesh  speaks at  World AI Show-Dubai 2019

An Analytics Workshop with Ph.D. students from “Madras School Economics, Chennai”, on 27th April 2019.


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21st Century Artificial Intelligence and Advanced Analytics

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Dr. Ganesh Natarajan

Chairman, 5F World

We at Center for AIA will show you the future by taking you into the exciting universe of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning & Advanced Analytics and thereby enable you to make an extremely successful career in the future world of Information Technology.

Arun Gollapudi

CEO, Systech Solutions

We bring you an intensive program in Artificial Intelligence & Advanced Analytics curated from our two-decade long experience. These solutions have been delivered to our top of line customers like Tesla, 20th Century Fox amongst others. CAIA is envisioned for architecting the future of society.

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The full stack Program in Artificial Intelligence and Advance analytics at CAIA provides in-depth understanding of Analytics with hands-on experience. This intensive program makes us work on data sets from multiple domains. The best part of this course is that it includes step-by-step assignments which ensure that the concept is understood. Today, I have been able to successfully steer my career from Direct Sales in the Banking Sector to being a Data Analyst within a span of just 3 months.

Mahesh Dinkar WathareData Analyst, Systech Solutions

I did my graduation from Delhi University in Economics. Following which I joined Madras School of Economics where I pioneered in creating different articles related to data modeling and finance marketing. I felt learning the theoretical concepts to solve real life problems did not meet the requirement of a business solution.

Here, my learning crystallized into combining the theoretical concepts and practical hands on experience needed to meet the requirement of the industry. A very sharp learning curve augmented with high quality study material and 24*7 support through the ‘Learning Management Portal’ ensured we understood and implemented what we learned.

Madhur RajAnalyst, Citibank International

The training provided by CAIA was an eye opener for me to the field of Analytics. On one hand, the Data Management vertical taught me how to identify and establish relationships between the data and its corresponding business process. And on the other hand, the advanced analytics module helped me with descriptive and predictive analytics.

My passion for Machine Learning grew to a great extent as my trainers unleashed the effectiveness of a data model to us when applied to the real world business. The project presentations helped me in evaluating my strength and weaknesses, where I had to take on the role of Business Consultants. On an ending note, the learning obtained from CAIA was extremely helpful in resuming my career back. I sincerely thank CAIA and the entire team.

Krithika LaxmananData Analyst, SCIO Healthcare Analytics

Being a graduate in BCA and a fresher, I received complete support from the faculty at CAIA who taught us from scratch, in a very effective manner. We were given exposure to real-time datasets and complex business problems. Our ability to analyze and think out-of-the-box developed in a very short time. The team at CAIA took a genuine interest in our career development. Finally, I am happy that I chose CAIA over other institutes and invested my time and money wisely.

Swetha DamotharanData Analyst, Systech Solutions

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