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Weekend Online Program on Data Science and Visual Analytics exclusively for Working Professionals starting 29th September onwards
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The question most often asked by businesses is “What did we do right and wrong last month?” Given the investments in computing, the assumption is that these questions do get the right answers but to succeed in competitive environments, future questions that will have to be asked are “Why did whatever happen, positive or negative, happen and what can we do to ensure the future will be what we want it to be by mitigating the risk of negative happenings and create more positives? Can we change some factors to guarantee more positive outcomes and is the data we are seeing telling us something that can change the way we approach the future?”

Moving from the present to the future calls for two key initiatives

Equip yourself for the digital tomorrow

Use of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence.

Moving from Descriptive to Predictive and Prescriptive Analytics.

Learn to apply intelligence to data and derive insights and foresights. Harness the power of smart data for sustainability and success.

Don’t just worry about the Future.
Now You can Be the Future.

Aimed towards architecting the future of society, workforce, governments and businesses, CAIA ushers you onto the world of groundbreaking technologies and ingenious intelligence.

Global Research

On the emerging trends, technologies and applications in Artificial Intelligence and Advanced Analytics.

Advanced Training Programs

For readying the future generations.

Advanced Solutions

To herald the futuristic lifestyle and workspaces.

21st Century Artificial Intelligence and Advanced Analytics

Creating the next generation of smart employees

Dr. Ganesh Natarajan

Chairman, 5F World

We at Center for AIA will show you the future by taking you into the exciting universe of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning & Advanced Analytics and thereby enable you to make an extremely successful career in the future world of Information Technology.

Arun Gollapudi

CEO, Systech Solutions

We bring you an intensive program in Artificial Intelligence & Advanced Analytics curated from our two decade long experience. These solutions have been delivered to our top of line customers like Tesla, 20th Century Fox amongst others. CAIA is envisioned for architecting the future of society.

Highlights of The Program

All that you gain from CAIA

Visionary Alumni

Designed by the experienced alumni of IIT Madras & Bombay, the curriculum has been curated by industry veterans with 20 years of experience in delivering cutting-edge solutions to Fortune 500 companies and created with support from experts from IIT and Stanford University.

In-depth understanding

of Business Intelligence, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence, Big Data and Advanced Analytics.

Train from the best

Trainers drawn from the Industry who have successfully spearheaded many global projects and bring in practical, hands-on knowledge.

Placement linked

Program supported by leading corporates.

Comprehensive Course

Real data sets and case studies.


By Industry experts from leading business organizations.

Come… Be the future

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