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Artificial Intelligence

Use of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence to extract new ideas from the volumes of data that are generated every minute. The world is moving towards digital transformation, and to survive in this fast-paced world, Artificial Intelligence expertise will be inherently essential.

Upcoming jobs in Artificial Intelligence

Advanced Analytics

Moving from Descriptive to Predictive and Prescriptive Analytics. Traditional data mining concentrates on historical data to understand the past success or failure. Predictive & Prescriptive Analytics combines charted information to choose the best possible course of operation.

The Data Shift

Program in Artificial Intelligence and Advanced Analytics


Topics Covered

Machine Learning
Python-Refresher, R-Programming, Advance Statistics, Supervised Learning, Unsupervised Learning, Recommendation System, Text Analytics
Artificial Intelligence
Intelligent systems, Agent & Environment, Search Algorithms, Natural Language Processing (NLP)
Data Interpretation
Tableau Environment, Data blending / Joining / Extracting, Calculations & Worksheets, Dashboard / User stories creation, Sharing
Big Data
Java, Hadoop
Data Management
SQL, DataWareHouse Concepts, DataAnalytics, ETL, Simulation Project, PLSQL

Learning Outcomes

  • Analyze large and complex data sets from multiple sources to provide insights and validate hypothesis
  • Develop and evaluate data analytics models, algorithms and solutions
  • Analyze the information, identify patterns and trends
  • Understand/implement Ml algorithms, performance tuning and reporting
  • Implement algorithms to mine targeted data and the ability to convert data into a business story

Program in Business Intelligence & Data Visualization


Learning Outcomes

Tableau Environment
Understanding the environment in detail and can able to develop the operation based on joins
Introduction to Tableau
Ability to understand the Architecture and environment
Data Blending/ Joining/ Extracts
Ability to understand the Ability to build tables and perform operations on itArchitecture and environment
Understanding various charts and its usage for different scenarios
Calculations and Worksheets
Understanding how to perform operations with table elements
Dashboard/ User Stories Creation/ Share
Ablity to build dashboards using basic tools and scaled upto container level
Mini Project
Ability to analyze the use case and prepare the data set and present the output by the interpretation
Final Project
Ability to analyze the use case and prepare the data set and present the output by the interpretation

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There is a lot to gain from CAIA. Aimed towards building a future-ready society with smart workforce, governments and businesses, these programs will comprehensively cover Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Advanced Analytics essentials.

Big Data

Experience of Delivering solutions to Fortune 500 companies.

Hands-on Knowledge

Case Studies and Real Data Sets.

3 months

Future Ready Program. Building expertise in Artificial Intelligence, Big Data and Advanced Analytics.


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